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Hi Im Renee AKA Rennie Ruthless, I'm 21, And I love marywanna smoke :D lol, Dubstep, color, Hair, Makeup, funny shit, pink shit, music, food :D I loveee a lot of things, haha this is random I post what I love<3

This hair is everything!

mini coils here! get ya minicoils here! by elevationunderground http://ift.tt/1yK6lQv

Anonymous said: So me and my bf are long distance. We've kissed and made out and touched each other but nothing farther. He doesn't talk dirty bevause he says its not his thing but being ldr, i want him to. Ik he gets horny and stuff like i do.how do I get him to?


You should not force him to do anything he does not want to. If he doesn’t want to talk dirty you shoudl respect it

Maybe you should try talking dirty about what your doing all by yourself write/talk as if your telling a story, moan in the phone, (and if it’s random sexy moan, he should ask what are you doing over there? You chuckle and say nothing and moan again. Usually works for me.)he’ll get turned on or tell you to stop. Then you guys will either continue to become more experienced in dirty or find something else

- To the Anonymous


Finished piece by koutsouros http://ift.tt/1mCOmms

White Ape looking like the Grape Ape mom plus the White Widow frost. Smells like the GA too. #whiteape @apollosmoke by thisisthatoneguy http://ift.tt/1sPiHGD




Heavenly Inked

A little over a year ago, I’d be skimming through IG and salivate over photos like this. Much thanks to the people kind enough to help me along my way. Forever a student. 🙏 Starlet III #starletkush #gagegreengroup #freethefrost @gagegreengroup by thisisthatoneguy http://ift.tt/1mCOqCJ


I should drink more water though. My skin is angry lol

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